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Game Time!

That's it, we're here! Fourth Quarter of 2020. I don't have to keep reminding you that this year has been extremely unique. But let's talk about how championships are won in the fourth quarter. No matter what the sport, plenty of teams have been in a position where they were losing all the way up to the fourth quarter and they broke the pattern of losing and triumphed at their Championship win. Superstars are made in the fourth quarter!

I want you to remember that as we approach the fourth quarter of 2020, from October through December, we have the opportunity to turn our story around and WIN with our final months closing out this year. Assess what you have done so far this year that has worked, and what things we have done this year that have not worked! Now is the time to fine tune our plans and goals for a successful completion of the year.

Depending on what type of business you were in prior to COVID-19, I'm sure you have become very accustomed to operating Zoom, FaceTime, email, Facebook calling, Instagram calling, WhatsApp calling, and the list goes on. Who would have thought we would all become experts, or at least functioning trouble shooters for this video technology? Think of what you can do with this new found experience. Families have come together to play games, socialize or simply connect older family members with the younger generation. What will you do to become the superstar of fourth quarter? Were your hours at work affected? If so, now that you have these new unintentional skills, will you pursue a different line of work that allows you to work from home?

Start with a clear plan of where you want to be starting 2021. Now is the time to start working on the new year plans. So many businesses have started online since this pandemic has begun. If you need help with a landing page or getting your design needs met, reach out to me and we can see how to get your business exactly what it needs.

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