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Let's Get Ready!

Let's face it, the current state of the world is not going to remain this way forever. Eventually, the COVID-19 pandemic will subside and we will slowly be able to return to outside activities. Will you be ready when that happens?

The everyday way of life will initially be just as overwhelming as the quarantine life is. Let me explain. We are all leaving our homes for the necessary things right now, but it is NOT happening all at the same time. When we leave our homes to go to the store we are not encountered with the same traffic that we usually have to deal with. However, the other things that we may have been used to such as, the hair salon, barber shop, nail salon, spa visit, movies, occasional restaurant visit or even the mall. Once these services become available again there will no doubt be a MASSIVE overflow in these places as well as a HUGE traffic jam. We may even experience a lot of places being SOLD OUT of what we are looking for.

Let's talk about how we can be ready for this. In order to prepare for the overflow of public interaction, you can see about going online to schedule appointments before showing up as a walk in. You can shop online and select in store pick up so that you don't have to compete for the items that you are looking for.

Now what can you do to prepare your business? You can send an email blast to your previous customers or clients and offer them a special, exclusive to them because they are subscribers of your email list. Or you can offer a giveaway just for them. This is the time to get creative with your audience. Now is the time to check in with them to make sure they are ok, you want to engage with them even when you are not selling anything. Develop a relationship with them so they know that they are more than just a "sale" to you.

In the meantime, here is a resource that you may be able to use for your small business. There is a small business loan being offered by the government, in an effort to "bail out" small businesses. Click here to go to the link for more information.

If you are currently employed, but unable to physically go to work due to not having childcare or maybe you have a pre-existing health condition that is preventing you from working, the government has also made a provision for you. A legislation was passed and took affect April 1st for a 12-week leave act. The first two weeks your employer is to pay you two-thirds of your salary and the remaining (*up to) 10 weeks your employer is to pay you in full! The reason I say *up to, is because the legislation may need to be extended based upon the progression of this pandemic. If you're interested in being updated about this development, email me at

Stay strong my friends, we will all learn a lesson from this life-changing experience.


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