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Life as we Know it is Forever Changed

Long gone are the days where we go outside without wearing a face mask. Let's face it, even after the shelter in place is lifted we will never look at strangers the same way. We do not know who has been home or who has still been going to work. We don't know who has quarantined for 14 days but now it's supposed to be 21 days that you can be infected and not know. We will never know the status of the person in the factory packing our online orders or the delivery person bringing the item to our door. Or the grocery store staff that stocks the shelves or bags our groceries. We will most likely be skeptical for a VERY long time.

That being said, how can you make sure that you are securing your income for the future? Think of something of value that you have to offer that others will be willing to pay for. You may not think it's worth paying for but the simplest things can be something that someone else may be struggling with the most. For example, how many times have you been doing something that is routine for you but someone else sees you and begins to ask questions? This has happened to me with setting up simple systems like a Linktree for example. This is something that you can use across all of your social media platforms to direct people to different aspects of your business or services that you offer without them having to navigate through your entire website for what they are looking for. I have recently received multiple inquiries of how to set this services up, that I decided to record the process and I now offer a mini tutorial class on how to create a Linktree for your social media. I never thought someone would pay me for this service because it seemed pretty simple to me, but it wasn't about me it was about the needs of the client.

I challenge you to think of something that you are skillful at and start monetizing it. It is wise to have multiple streams of income and if you are home, now is the time to explore your possibilities while you have the time.

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