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Spring is Coming!

Spring is fast approaching and I don't know about you but I'm ready! Although I am typically a girl who loves Winter, I am especially looking forward to Spring. Why? Well it's no secret that we could all use some "pick me ups" after experiencing the changes that 2020 has seemed to leak over into 2021. Yes I'm talking about the Pandemic and the Coronavirus. Winter brings darkness early, longer nights than days and this season, more storms then I remember growing up. So I am looking forward to longer daylight hours, sun, outdoor activities and brighter days ahead.

As you may or may not know, I live in Georgia and Spring also brings about enormous clouds of pollen! Unfortunately, two of my family members suffer severely from the effects of the pollen. That is why they start taking allergy meds as early as February. Once we pass that phase though, we should be smooth sailing. The picture below is a very accurate depiction of what the whole entire state of Georgia looks like during pollen time. Every year when the seasons change, I have to shop all over again because my children are still growing.

What do you do to prepare for Spring? Do you Spring Clean your home? Do you swap out your closet from Winter to Spring/Summer? Share with me.

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