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DIY Design Hacks

Designing can be very intimidating and confusing if you are not clear on exactly what you need. As an entrepreneur, it is important to have a clear vision on exactly what you want from your brand. There is so much that goes along with attracting your ideal client or customer, based on whether you have a service or product based business.

One of the first things that you need to have in place is an email list. An email list is extremely important because it allows you to be able to contact those that are interested in supporting you. These days a LOT of businesses use social media to get the word out about their business and convert that into sales. Once you have your email list, then at a minimum you will also need a landing page if you aren't ready for a full website.

I have started a video series of how to create some basic systems to get you started. The most recent recording is for Linktree. This product is designed for you to be able to connect your audience to a specific branch of service without having to search through your entire site. This link can be used on any and all of your social media outlets. My next tutorial video will be on Mailchimp, an email automation/landing page site. To learn more about the Linktree video, click here.

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